28 Jan. 2013

CupCake Book is Ready!!!

Guess what!!!!! 
My book arrived! and looks fantastic!!!!

Hard cover, 20 pages, 20cmx20cm (8"x8"), 10 different designs how decorate CupCakes, and more!
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27 Sep. 2012

On Sale Now!

Hello everybody!!!
My book is on sale now!
for delivery* details and payment please contact me

Hard Cover Book (22 pages) AU$ 40
Soft Cover Book (20 pages) AU$ 30

* Delivery will take maximum 10 working days.

19 Sep. 2012

Looks Cool printed!!!!

Hello my friends!!!
I wanna show you my story book all printed! 
22 pages full color!!
On sale soon ONLINE!!!

17 Aug. 2012

I just finish to make my first story book, 
with 22 pages of lots of fun!

Will be ready for sale soon...
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